Thursday, October 13, 2011


It is wonderful that Violet Press wants to publish my yoga poems! I am thrilled, and believe wholeheartedly that once it enters the world as a book, it will find a place for itself among yoga enthusiasts as well as poetry buffs. However, this is turning out to be an expensive proposition. I thought that if I didn't self-publish, a publisher would actually fund the printing of a certain number of the books, and that I would get get paid something, even a very tiny nominal sum, but as it turns out, I must fund the printing of the books I take with me to readings, at a lower author's price, and must pay for the cover art work.
Since I am not working right now, this is a great worry to me, particularly since I was already stressing over how I would pay for renewing my yoga studio membership for the year when that comes up in the spring. I have to make that a priority,as I cannot function very well without it.
Not to mention the necessity to contribute to the cost of paying for the house!
Things might very well work out much better than I imagine, but the uncertainty and the necessity of gambling with money I really don't have is extremely scary. And on top of it, I have already committed to paying for turning the book into an app. That is bound to be very expensive. I don't know what to do.


marly youmans said...

Samuel Johnson had a subscription list for his books. Not a bad idea. You can put me down for one. There's one. Now email some other people!

marly youmans said...

The only difference between that and what, say, university presses do is that a university press will give you a batch of them on commission. But you still have to pay the money back.

You can easily imagine that a brand new one-person small press simply cannot afford to pay for books for every person published. That would end the press in short order because some people don't promote and don't sell.

Robbi said...

Okay, thanks. I am going to charge $14.00 for it, so I can fund other books to take to the readings I am lining up. I've got three set to go already--two at yoga studios and one on the radio.
I didn't realize that a university press didn't fund the books either. What do I know, really, about this? Not much at all.