Tuesday, June 26, 2012


  I was pondering life's irony today after trying to teach Structuralist theory to a group of online students. When I first arrived at U.C.I., those many years ago, I had never seen or heard of critical theory of any variety before. I distrusted and disliked it, and was in turn viewed as a "stupid writer" by some of the faculty and most of the PhD students. The harsh and difficult language of the post-structuralists just made me angry, and I didn't take Derrida's class when he was teaching there for that very reason.
And here I am now teaching the stuff, or trying to. Ha!


marly said...

No doubt you are doing a fine job, as you are a responsible teacher. Express no doubt and barrel on ahead!

Robbi N. said...

I am trying to, insofar as it is possible. I am used to running the show, and it's hard for me to teach someone else's class, but I did that for years before my last job.