Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Advertising the Book

I have been nervously awaiting the release of my chapbook in mid-February. Though I haven't yet done my page or book trailer, both things I know I need to do, I have sent links and letters to a number of bookstores in Orange County and LA. No dice yet, not even at UCI, my alma mater. Of course, I guess they can't have every graduate of their MFA program read; they'd never have any other readings if they did, but this is an unusual book. There are bound to be lots of people who wouldn't usually attend poetry readings there.
Most places say they don't do readings for chapbooks. I have to wait till the full collection is published. Although it is out there, no word yet on that. I wonder whether anyone will let me read, and if not, what else can I do? Set up a stand on the street? I'd probably get busted.

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marly youmans said...

Robbi, if you want to do a piece for The Lydian Stones, go ahead, and I'll save it for the week your book comes out.

Keep kicking! Definitely think stock at yoga gear stores and read at yoga places--events with a twist are often better.