Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The cover!

Today I went to Laguna after yoga class and had tea with my friend Lisa Genesta. She showed me around her colorful place in Laguna Canyon, which has a lot of history, being the haunt of the counter culture in the late 60s and early 70s. She was reading a book about the period that featured people her husband John had known and been friends with during those times.
Then John took the picture and worked with it on the computer for a couple of hours. You may recall that I had the idea of having an origami lotus made out of the pages of a book. I don't know how to make things like this, even though I found instructions online, so I ordered one from an origami store on Etsy. Would you believe that there were a number of different such lotuses for sale at that store? It seems that whatever someone can imagine, she can find it online someplace.
I brought some black silk for the backdrop, and John took a wonderful picture. When he sends it to me and the cover is ready, I will post it here.
Anyone who needs a photographer or wants to buy a photograph as a gift should consider looking into his Facebook store or, if you are local, going to the winter Sawdust festival and checking out his work!


marly youmans said...

Interesting idea!

Robbi said...

I heartily recommend both his work and that of his wife, a silversmith who makes beautiful jewelry.

Robin said...

I'm sure the cover will be beautiful! John's work is always wonderful. I am so glad that you leaped past this last major hurdle. Congratulations to you and to John!

Robbi said...

It is beautiful Robin! Look at it on Facebook.