Friday, March 30, 2012

My Best Me

I am a writer, technically speaking, only when I am engaged in the act of writing and rewriting. But the problem with this is that I am best when I am writing. Gone is any hesitancy, lack of confidence, egotism. Time falls away. The world is bright and everything is as it should be.
Yet I am a person as well as a writer, and that is a lot more complicated and difficult than the sheer and sublime simplicity of the empty page. The consequences in the world are lots higher, for every interaction I have, whether virtual or face to face, involves a person with feelings and a history, and it is easy for one's narrow vision and thoughtless words to hurt those others or drive them away.
As a person in the world, I am constantly been misunderstood, and no doubt, misunderstanding others. As a writer, I am far better at crafting my words to my audience and creating the impression I aimed for to start with.
Now with the prospect of teaching an online class, I have the chance to merge these two elements, the written me and the person. Let's see how that goes and whether it helps me to think before I speak and act.


marly said...

A very interesting way to look at this chance...

Robbi N. said...

Yes, I think it will be hard, but good for me. Just what I need.