Sunday, April 8, 2012

National Poetry Month

It's National Poetry Month, the one time of year there is a common recognition that the stuff exists, it seems. Every day in my email box I am getting various and sundry poems by poets from all periods on all subjects, and I am, as usual, enjoying it. It goes along with my new attendance at open mics and readings, one a week, so far. But I have not been able to settle down and turn out one poem a day, like so many of the people at the readings I've attended. Or maybe they are only saying they are doing that... I should sit down and see what happens! It just doesn't seem to work that way with me most of the time. I need to get something--a word, a metaphor, a story, an image, stuck in my head, in my ear, and that starts me off. Without that, it's pointless. Prompts do work for me though. Any suggestions?


rbarenblat said...

Speaking of National Poetry Month -- I'm not managing to read or review as many poetry collections as Dave Bonta is, but I did buy your book Balance on his recommendation, and liked it so much that I'm working on a short review now -- it will go live on Velveteen Rabbi tomorrow. Thanks for your lovely poems; I hope the review is pleasing!

Robbi N. said...

Thanks Rachel. That is so kind of you. I will visit your blog, which I do on occasion, and look for it.
Perhaps I can return the favor some time.
Hope you are having a wonderful Passover.