Thursday, April 12, 2012


There have now been two reviews of Balance... one on Dave Bonta's blog Via Negativa
and the other at Rachel B's blog The Velveteen Rabbi--
It is great to see that people are enjoying the book, even if do not do yoga, and want to tell others about it.
I am so happy about that, and hope that more people find out about and read it. Of course, I also hope they buy it from me! But I'm just happy they are reading it.
I have tried to put in the links here correctly, but they don't seem to have worked. Suggestions would be gratefully accepted.


marly youmans said...


Instead of using the "compose" function, try putting them in the "html" page directly. That may work better for you...

I also think that if you haven't looked at your settings and template in a long time, you might do that--you might find that there are updates that would make things easier. Just check on them...

marly youmans said...

And congrats--both good sources for comments!

Robbi N. said...

I used the "insert," which has worked for me before.
Congrats to you. I should post about your triumph! I thought I'd let you do it on your own blog first though.