Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back to the Trail

   This morning I did a short hike with my friend, Judy, from the choir. It was too far for me to drive, at Oak Canyon at Caspers Park, and we had to take a rather hairy rural highway to get there. But it was worth it.
  There were still many flowers blooming out there--mariposa lilies and cactus flowers in all colors, devil's paintbrush and Jimson weed, assorted and (to me) nameless blooms of all sizes and shades.
We didn't see any wildlife, and for this I am actually grateful, since this is rattlesnake season, and there are several species of the beasts in those hills.
  My hip has been troubling me, so I was a bit concerned about how I would fare on the hike, but it was only 4 miles or so, and the only part that really challenged me was the first bit, a big long hill that left me and most of the others panting.
  Tomorrow I am scheduled to go on another hike, again with Judy, and have to leave very early in the morning because it's a long drive, at least 1 1/2 hours. That's quite a bit longer and more challenging, but this hike leader has ankle problems and goes very slowly, which is good for me, especially now with my hip acting up.
  I enjoyed the hike, and hope it goes well tomorrow and that I'm not being unrealistic about what I can manage. I think I'll skip yoga class today though, and not push my luck.

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