Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Too Bad, But Life Goes On

The photographer was not interested in pursuing a collaboration, which is a shame. I could have written a nice little series that probably would have brought his photos out into the public eye. Maybe that is just what he does not want.
As I have learned working on the yoga poems, collaborations can be ticklish things because one has to consider not only herself but the other person's schedule, priorities, desires, etc. And we have still to work on the app. Haven't heard anything about that in a while. I am not certain it is going to work out because I am much fussier about the way the thing is presented than that guy was ready for.
It's on to the next thing, I guess!


marly youmans said...

Collaborations tend to be suggested by and work out better with artists/photographers who know you, both as a person and because of your work. But if you are interested, go ahead and ask! There's no reason you can't get to know somebody. You should try and collaborate with somebody local because that will expand your world and his/hers a bit.

Robbi said...

The person who is doing the cover is a friend who I don't know extremely well. He doesn't know my work, though I know his. He is local, down at the beach. I would love if my book got word of his work out there beyond where it is right now, though he is out there selling it, and online too.