Friday, February 3, 2012

Another Thing

My Red Room page has been changed back to its proper name: Red Room
Go visit, if you haven't.


marly youmans said...

Hot: before addressafter address...

Robbi N. said...

I still don't really see what to push.

marly youmans said...


Oh dear.

No pushing involved!

Let's say your address is

Directly before the http, put the

Directly after the com, put the

Then post

Like this:



Robbi N. said...

I'm going to try your < > suggestion on this address. Let's see if it works.

Robbi N. said...

The address disappeared altogether when I used the brackets.

marly youmans said...

Drat, he keeps hotting things when I try to explain. What an idiot I am.

You put the brackets with an a inside before the address.

You put the brackets with a slash and then an a inside after the address.

Didn't I send you a link?

Robbi N. said...

Who is "he" and which link? I put in coding, and it appeared to be hot. There is something wrong with the page though, which is currently being fixed. That is not something I did.

Robbi N. said...

It works just fine!

marly youmans said...

Yay. It's all very simple, but I wasn't paying attention to how it would "convert" and not show the symbols because there's a delay in posting at your site...

Dunno how the "he" crept it.

Printer's Devil, maybe.