Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yesterday was quite a day, what with getting soaked in the process of changing my license plate and getting all the books finally as well as my copies of The Hollins Critic featuring my essay on Lev Grossman's novels. I was in an altered state of consciousness with all of that going on, as well as learning that my book would be carried by some pretty terrific places around here.
After I finished writing the blog though, I was getting ready to leave for choir and stepped outside to take out the trash, since the boy had not done it and it was flowing all over the floor. I didn't take my key, but told myself strenuously to be careful not to lock myself out as it was cold and rainy outside and I had to leave. But of course, I did lock myself out.
To get out of the rain I went over to a neighbor's house to hang out until someone came home, but he insisted on opening a window and letting me back into the house! I will be careful from now on to take a key with me whenever I take out the trash.


marly youmans said...

Hurrah for being an HC critic and getting your books and windows!

Robbi N. said...

Thanks though! I am so pleased with the exposure and the article. I thought about sending Grossman a review copy of my chapbook, but let him seek it out if he is interested.