Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dad's Complaint

It has been a while since my father has complained about the place where he lives. In the past, he would regularly rage and demand that this, that, or the other change be made. But yesterday was the first time in at least a year I've heard him say he wants to move if this problem is not addressed.
My father is big on food. It is one of the pleasures of his life. So he has been happy at this board and care because the caregiver is a very good cook, a trained chef, in addition to all the other things she does. But for the past few days, he says, the meat he has been given has been "crap" in his words. It is full of fat and inedible. He asked the caregiver about it, and she said that the owner told her to buy it; she knows it isn't any good.
That makes him particularly angry because we frequently buy special things to eat for my parents and share them with all the residents (there are only 5 residents in all). Sometimes it's bbq chicken, sometimes very good canned salmon from Costco, sometimes even steak or lamb chops. We also buy my mom toilet paper, shampoo, body wash, and conditioner. We buy many things that the house should technically pay for because my parents are particular. We also buy towels and have on occasion even bought brooms and other cleaning tools. So for them to give my parents inferior food is unforgivable. I made it clear that my father was serious about this, and that they better start giving him and my mom better food. I think the owner heard me, but he tried to weasel out of it. I hope I don't have to move my parents. I have enough to do. Too much.


Lou said...

The poker hand you have up is not just a straight flush but a royal flush!

I hope the food improves pronto.

Robbi said...

No wonder they won!
I think the food has improved; at least I have not heard any complaints since that last call.