Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Semester Blues

Spring semester does drag on and on. I usually actually forget about the last week or so because it is so much longer than fall semester, and then there's spring malaise, which comes about when one glances out the window and would so much rather be there than in the house grading papers or planning classes.
That's where I am right now. It is hard to make myself plan classes or seriously sit down and consider bureaucratic business like the latest SLO forms I must fill out or whatever. But I count myself lucky since as a part-timer, I don't have many of those duties to perform, not nearly so many as full-time people, who pay a price for security in the time they must waste jumping through hoops.
It's not as though I have summer vacation ahead of me. I will be teaching 4 days per week all summer long, which will begin a week or two after spring semester is over. If I feel this way now, I hope I do not feel fried by the end of that.


Lou said...

We have until the end of the semester to do those SLO reports, so let them slide for a while. The thing I notice is that however I arrange the work, time passes. Hang in there!

Robbi said...

I know you're right, and I'll catch my second or third or fourth wind sometime soon.