Monday, April 4, 2011

Keeping It Clean

Yesterday afternoon, the electrician, Dan, took me to Orange to buy a wooden file cabinet from a young guy who was left with lots of assorted things after his father's sudden death. The burden of dealing with this estate hung heavy on the guy, who couldn't have been more than 19. So he sold it to me for a good price, and I brought it home. A solid, heavy piece of wood, which I will soon fill with teaching files and poems.
Meanwhile, I remember to wipe up behind me, and today I will get cleaning pads for my Swiffer, so I can clean the floors every week, at least, especially since the cat puked on the laminate yesterday.
So far so good. I am doing okay keeping up with detritus, and it has not yet gotten the better of me. But there is lots more to unpack. Things can threaten to overwhelm me any moment. I just need to keep that feeling at bay, or I will give up.


marly said...

My advice is to not open too many boxes at once--then all is chaos.

Robbi said...

So far we've put away most things in open boxes, except for stuff we needed a filing cabinet for or hats and belts, that require someone to put up hooks. Everything else has been put away, when we open boxes. But there are lots of boxes still out there.