Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The end of the semester is quickly approaching and I feel squeezed, along with everyone else, as a well-juiced orange. If I knew I was going to get some rest after this semester is over, it would be bearable. However, I will have about 2 weeks before the summer semester, if that, and during that time will have jury duty. I was hoping to be able to devote a week to putting together a syllabus for summer and one for fall, but that isn't likely. Yet with the state budget the way it is, I have to work all I can while it's still possible. Community college campuses may have to close, if the proposed budget goes through, and at the very least, part-timers will be canned. There are many hot younger teachers in the pool now, and they are winning prizes for best part-timer, while I never have. So I have to work while I can and hope for the best.
Oh well! At least I am comfortable and happy in my new place, and if things go well, will continue to have a job.

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