Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trying Day

Today was a long day, but in between my two classes--the 7:30 AM one and the 4 PM one-- the cat got stuck in the bed. The handyman/electrician put a board under the bed so the cats couldn't get to the mattress and ruin it and they did the old one, tunneling in it and hollowing out a little cat cave. There are two drawers at the foot of the bed, so even though they couldn't get in at the head of the bed, one of them, the smaller (Shadow) went in at the foot, through the drawers, and then got stuck, meowing piteously. I rescued her, and then couldn't get the drawer closed again. I was rather shaken when I went to class, which was troublesome because I was being observed today, at last. There were a few cancellations when I sprained my ankle and she got sick, but she made it today.
A few of the students made it a point to complain in order to shake me up, I think. They are upset that I am asking them to do so much work at the end of the semester. I keep telling them that the community college students, who are freshmen and sophomores, are writing the same papers, and none of them assumes I should not be giving them so much work. I am sure they will not give me positive evaluations, but as far as I am concerned, I am doing my job the way it needs to be done. Not that I couldn't improve the class; I would start the research much sooner if I did it again. But I wouldn't change the substance of the assignments.

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