Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Much of a Muchness

Now that I have a house, I wish I had a break to spend some time on it. But I suppose there's plenty of time for that. It seems as though I am always distracted. Some good time for deep attention to reading, writing, or whatever.
The poltergeists have taken another turn. It is 6 AM. I am up here on the computer, and all of a sudden the cat started meowing frantically, and the tv came on by itself. I often listen to the radio on the television (cable). Now it is playing.


Robin said...

Very mysterious and kind of wonderful! The electrician can't help you with this? Good luck!

marlyat2 said...

Has the electrician come and checked out your fuse box and wiring? Really odd.

Robbi said...

The electrician has come back numerous times and messed with the remotes for my fan, the switchplates, you name it. He is not just an electrician but a jackofalltrades, and does all of them well, as our real estate agent tells me. This sort of oddity is a first for him.