Sunday, April 17, 2011

Uh Oh

My summer class is approaching, and I have just finished rereading James' What Maisie Knew with an eye to teaching it. However, it strikes me that it is too long and too subtle for this purpose. It is hard enough to teach The Turn of the Screw, which I often do, and generally swear each time that I will never do it again when the students find nothing but frustration in the discussion. This is even more subtle and much longer. While I love it, it is not the sort of thing that really is suitable for this purpose. I am pondering whether I ought to switch, which I must do immediately, but to what? To Kill a Mockingbird? Most have read it in high school. I haven't read it in years and years! I would appreciate any help in choosing short and appealing but rich literary works (classic ones are best) written from the pov of a child. They should be short or relatively quick reads.


marly youmans said...

How short?

I like writing from that stance, and there's a lot of interesting work out there... But "What Maisie Knew" isn't all that short. Talkiing about novella or story?

Robbi said...

Either one. I remembered Maisie as being much shorter. Though I love late Henry James, the students can't handle him.