Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Night With the Choir

Last night was the last night of Passover, which ends this afternoon officially, meaning that I can go back to eating cereal for breakfast and my favorite grains for supper! Yay for carbs that aren't matzo!
I didn't get to go to a seder or find the energy to make one on the first or second or subsequent nights, so last night, R and I went to the choir's seder, an annual event held at a rec center of a couple members' community. It is a catered affair, quick and dirty, with exceptionally good food, and at a much lower price than the synagogue's official seder. The company is good too!
As usual, it was a jolly event, a good time to catch up on news from all the choir members (though not all showed) and have a good time. Richard appreciated how fast the service went (no more than 40 minutes, I would guess), which make it easy for us to leave early, since we had to get up at 5 and head for work by 6:15 this morning.
There was one controversy: I distinctly remember, unless I am losing my mind, which is entirely possible, especially at this point in the semester, telling Wilma, the member who organizes this event, that my husband was going to be coming to the seder. But she claims I never told her. I probably told her out loud, and she wasn't listening. Or perhaps I sent an email she never got. Who knows?

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Robbi said...

Hi Robin. I felt sad when I decided not to put up my new poem on the blog. I've been warned that this may explain why no one wants to publish them because online publication, even on a blog with a small readership, like this one, is still publication, and they want entirely unpublished poems. But I think I sent you my poem. Did I?