Saturday, July 16, 2011

3 D--no spoilers!

I am not one to savor the novelty of new technology simply for its own sake. So I haven't been to see a 3 D film (before yesterday at least) since the blessed advent of OmniMax, with its room high screens and pulsating pictures that made my head hurt.
The expense of these short documentaries (mostly) and the fact that they were causing probable damage to my eyes or brain made me wary of them finally, and not just me because the phenomenon didn't last long, except in science museums and planetariums. But it morphed into something far more ubiquitous: 3D movies of all sorts.
I didn't go to see any of them, not even Werner Herzog's extravaganza in a prehistoric cave, though in all probability, I'd have liked that one. But yesterday I impatiently visited my local multiplex for the first time to see the finale of Harry Potter. I donned the round Potterish glasses, and found that they didn't make my eyes hurt. But wondrously, they turned the world into a completely different place, at least the world of the 3D previews and the feature. I found the use of 3D completely justified in the film, which was far more than technology, but full of the satisfaction of a story well ended, just as in the book.
Some of the Potter franchise had not been so satisfying, aesthetically at least. I followed them out of enthusiasm for the books, but found them drab and unimaginative. Of course, it was a daunting task to take on the depressing later books, where the narrative bogged down, as it sagged a bit in the original books as well. The seams showed just a bit at the jagged edge there, where later, in the finale, the threads would be found to tie off into a seamless edge.
I hope that now that the series is finished, more wonderful fantasy will arise, if only in an effort to please the audience, bereft of its Potter riches in the form of new films and books. I am sure that it will, and lots of dreadful efforts as well. It will be interesting to see.


marlyat2 said...

Well, I shall have to take the progeny soon, though I do not think Oneonta will be 3-D happy!

Robbi said...

That's too bad. Is that the closest big city? Maybe a trip to the next closest one is in order? It's worth it to see the 3D!