Sunday, July 10, 2011

Disappointing My Friends

I'm an obsessive cuss. When others were off protesting and doing political actions when I was an undergraduate, I was reading, writing, doing my homework, holing up to soak in as much of my classes as I could. I loved every second of them, after a horrible high school career of miserable boredom and persecution.
I continue in the same vein. Though I'm just teaching comp, I prepare as though my life depended on it, getting as involved in the subject matter as I did when I was writing my dissertation, perhaps more so. I suppose I just got into the habit, and cannot imagine teaching or doing much of anything with one eye shut, not caring about the result. This makes it hard for me to have a life or to teach full time either because there aren't enough hours in the day.
But I was realizing that the students aren't like I was. They mostly don't care. I need to let go somewhat, and get a life. It will be better for everyone.
To my few long suffering friends, I apologize. I promise that when I'm ready to play, I'll do that in the same obsessive way!


Robin said...

Your dedication as a teacher is truly admirable. Also, the long, seemingly endless hours of work in a summer session is hardly surprising. I'm sure at least some of your students appreciate all the careful planning and hard work you put into the class.

I'm sure your friends understand the challenges of a summer session, and that you'll catch up with everyone as soon as you can.

Robbi said...

Thanks Robin.