Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Arrives; Break out the Ice

Summer is here, and we have no air conditioner in this place. On one hand, the cool white walls and ceiling fans, as well as cross breezes from the two screen doors downstairs, help us out, as do the tile and laminate floors. But at night, it is tough to sleep. I had lots of heat dreams last night, strange amalgamations of stuff, not coherent at all, leaving the flavor of overheated anxiety.
I'm about to enter a new phase in my working existence, in which anything truly might happen, if I keep my eyes out for opportunities and invent them as well. It's a little daunting, and I suppose the change in the weather heralds this emotional and actual change as well.


marlyat2 said...

Are you upstairs? Sleep down when it's really a scorcher. Much cooler.

Yes, the weather is changing for you! I hope in a fair, fair way...

Robbi said...

We can't both sleep downstairs, unless we want to sleep on the floor. There's no room. Jeremy's room is downstairs. My guests, if I have any, will sleep either in Jeremy's room, on an overstuffed chaise that is supposed to be part of the modular sofa, or I can drag that out into the living room during the evening and that person could sleep there. If there is more than one, one will sleep stretched out on the rather narrow couch, or bring a sleeping bag.