Monday, July 4, 2011

An Idea--Have I told you this before?

Lately any look in the mirror is a reminder that I am not half as young as I feel. I find myself forgetting as much as I ever knew, with names, occasions, etc. that should have been memorable disappearing almost immediately as they appear.
I had an idea a few weeks back for an anthology of NPR-related pieces. I have already written at least one, and lots of blog entries of course, inspired by NPR stories. If I knew how to get this project started, I would go for it, right after this class finishes up.


One Minnesota Writer said...

Could be that you've already just have to redefine "start". Blog pieces are a great thing to expand into more serious essays for an anthology...right? Well, some blog pieces, anyway. Don't give up.

Robbi said...

Hello Minnesota. I recognize you from Linked In!
Perhaps a few of my blog pieces would make good extended musings or essays. I think there is more likely hope that poems would work, but I'm not thinking of making this a solo endeavor. I want to develop it into a regular anthology, thinking it would be a good way to showcase one's writing.
There are so many literate people who listen to NPR and who might be interested in investigating people's books and other work once they read a piece in an anthology like this.
And one would have a ready means of publicizing it, particularly if we offered to feed all the proceeds back into NPR.

marly youmans said...

You should ask Carole Sargent--she has NPR links and is a writer, plus her job is helping people publish. Shall send you an address.

Robbi said...

Thanks Marly!