Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Amazing Day

Today I found out what freedom from work can be like. I miss teaching a lot, but days like this one could make me forget that. First I went on a long walk in San Clemente, by the beach. Liz told me about this walk before, but it was more beautiful than I imagined, if a tad hot. A friendly person pulling out of the lot gave us her spot, and told us it only costs $1.00 to park all day if you get there before 9 AM! I'll remember that.
Then we went to see a movie, Mozart's Sister, a French production. It was lovely, and made me want to learn much more about the period in general and French royalty in particular.
Then $1.00 Taco Tuesday! What fun!


Robin said...

I am so happy for you! you deserve lots of rest and fun! Enjoy!

Robbi said...

If you can drag yourself away from the business, let me know, and we can join forces to explore the world.

marly youmans said...


That sounds just right. You've had a taxing year with life-changing events, and your head could use some loll and fritter.

Robbi said...

Yes, that's very true. I hope the upcoming year, with Jewish New Year less than a month away, will be better for all of us, though we have our house, a product of this year.