Friday, August 19, 2011

Those Freeways

Though I live in Southern California, the place most in love with cars and driving, I do not love driving. I especially do not love driving on freeways. Though I love going places and there are lots of places I'd like to get to, driving to them on the freeways is not on my agenda. This has made life relatively difficult for me. Next up: learn to do this thing I dread. That will be difficult, but necessary.


Robin said...

If you begin practicing when there isn't as much traffic, I think you'll find it more comfortable, and actually kind of fun. Then you can build up to the busier times.

For me, right now, the problem is night driving--but a visit to the optometrist and probably new glasses will hopefully solve that one. My eyes have really deteriorated lately, and reading has been more difficult as well.

Robbi said...

Yes. I should practice at times like Sunday mornings, when the freeways are empty, but I don't want to go myself, and no one else is around. In case I panic, I want someone else there to talk me through it.

Robbi said...

RE: your eyes, I hope that the new glasses help! The reading stuff must be pretty awful.