Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Once in a Blue Whale

After my wonderful experience this past year on the whale watch, I went again, with Liz. We saw several very large and close blue whales, leaping and frisking in the waves. And lots and lots of dolphins, who came right in for a close look with their young ones. It was a lovely day!
The thing about whale watches is that, like the rest of life, it depends largely on chance and the grace of creatures with their own lives to live and their own agendas whether you see anything other than a few sea birds and the shifting sea. Today, the whales just happened to be in the neighborhood, scoring some krill. We were told that their hearts are the size of volkswagon beetles; their tongues could easily hold six six foot men, though I don't know whether these men would be standing up or lying down, or, in any case, what they would be doing hanging out on a whale's tongue anyhow. Playing Jonah, I guess.


Robin said...

Great, fascinating entry! So glad you got to go out whale watching with Liz! Please wish her a belated happy birthday for me. I look forward to seeing both of you soon!

Robbi said...

Perhaps we could go sometime? It is easy to get a discount on those tickets from Goldstar!