Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We are very spoiled in this part of the country, as I'm sure you who live elsewhere will agree. All winter long we enjoy relatively balmy weather, and in the summer, sunshine without humidity, a light ocean breeze sweetening the air. Most of the year, that's quite true, but in August, often, we get some days of misery, humid and hot. We even get thunderstorms sometimes, quite unusual the rest of the year.
It has been like this the past couple of days. Today especially is miserable and humid. We have no air conditioning and at night, it can get quite miserable. The ceiling fans help a bit, but it's 83 downstairs, ceiling fan or no. I guess we can go sit in the pool. Eat an ice? I suppose that puts us in the same position as the rest of you, except that here, a lightning strike can start a forest fire that could burn down the whole place! Rain would be nice though.


marlyat2 said...

A nice pomegranate popsicle... Or a smoothie made with lots of ice.

Robbi said...

Sounds good. It has cooled off a little, but I did wear a new dress, sleeveless, yesterday, in honor of my interview. Pearl necklace too.