Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anxiety Dreams

We have all had such dreams, where we toss and turn and feel as if we haven't slept at all the next morning, even if we have. For a while recently I was dreaming that I was lying in bed and couldn't sleep, even though I was sleeping when I dreamed this, obviously. I would dream it over and over again, like a real sleepless night. Last night, I dreamed that I was supposed to be driving, but was in the back seat of the car sleeping. I woke up with the car hurtling down an empty mall, and jumped into the front seat just in time to stop the car. What a horrible night! I don't know exactly what I am anxious about; it's sort of generalized. Perhaps it's the fires, or the fact that my hearing seems to be worsening, making it harder to hear my students. I am thinking of calling the doctor and getting a new hearing test. I don't think there's anything I can do about it. There are only two kinds of hearing aids that will work for me, since my hearing is opposite of everyone else's. Most people with hearing loss lose high frequency. I have lost low frequency sounds. I suppose the insurance would cover new aids. I got these two years ago, I think. It's probably time to get tested again. But it upsets me to think that I will go totally deaf, and soon. Maybe I ought to learn to lip read a little better.


Lou said...

You have so many waking challenges that it is not surprising that your sleep is full of anxiety. I am so sorry, Robbi.

Robbi said...

I guess many of us have such challenges. I just have to live with them, as best I can. And actually, things are doing pretty well right now.
It looks for the moment as if Richard's job is safe, and the dean with the itchy trigger finger is in trouble. My classes are full and doing okay. Jeremy is liking his classes and doing fine, so far. My parents are well, for the moment. And I'm not deaf yet! I just have to keep the glass half full, I suppose.