Friday, September 4, 2009


My pen-friend through yoga, Kathy Ricci, is suffering from cancer. I heard through the grapevine in yoga that she was ill, so I began sending her cards and notes via email about a year ago. Since then, I have come to marvel at her amazing spirit. Although she suffers from the pernicious effects of her disease and chemo as well, she refuses to allow all that to hold her down. She practices restorative yoga, tai chi, walks on the beach, and enjoys her life insofar as she is able, and she seems able to a very great degree to do that. It is a lesson to me that she refuses to give in to despair or to pain.
I hope that this fierce spirit is rewarded and that she improves again.


Lou said...

Believing, as your friend does, in the life-giving power of yoga, she would of course keep it up during this time. More power to her!

Robbi said...

Yes. I hope it helps. I guess she has already lived much longer than the doctors assumed she would.