Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Slippery Section

Enrollment in one of my sections at school is at 26 and has held steady since the first day. However, the other section has been like a revolving door. I had to ESL students, both of whom dropped. I forgot to check what the LD instructor said about my possible LD student. I know I have a student with Aspergers or some other disorder in the Autistic spectrum, but he seems to be doing okay. He's a little peculiar, but he's smart and pretty much with it in class. He'll be okay, I think.
There are some students who apparently don't pay attention or read things well, but one always gets this sort. I put up the assignment sheet in class and discussed it, and now I get home and have a student tell me she doesn't know what's due next time. Sigh. Then there are students adding. The one who added last time was nodding off in class. She seriously looks as if she's on some sort of drug. And today's add can't get the college to accept the APC code; she says that they have accepted her writing 1 credit from another college, but then she says they want her to take Writing 1. I am confused... I know she is. As far as I'm concerned, it's too late to add anyone else.


Lou said...

After census on the 7th, everything will settle down and we can just teach these people. Hang in there.

Robbi said...

I'm trying. I still have people begging for the pending spot. I'm not going to give it out, can't till I know what's happening with the last add. Most likely she will not be able to take the class, but it's too late to add now anyhow.