Thursday, September 17, 2009

Return of the Rejects

It is now official. I spoke too soon about the success of the latest things I have written this year. Stories and poems I have sent out, some back in the early part of the year, have returned to me rejected. It is true that Mezzo Cammin, the online journal of formed women's verse, responded quite personally that they liked certain parts of at least one of the poems, and requested more, but I don't have enough formed verse to send them, so it will have to wait until I write some more.
Rivertooth, the nonfiction journal, kept my story since last Feb. or March, but it came back with a form rejection, although it does say at the end that they welcome more pieces from me.
The journal in San Francisco I read about in Reb's blog sent back poems quickly, with the formiest of form rejections.
I know that I have to just keep on writing and sending out. But it is discouraging, of course. And it's been awfully silent around here as well. I have checked in day after day to no comments. I know you are out there. There are at least a few of you lurking. Please say something. I need to know you are there.


Lou said...

I am here, always. Your poems are gems of sound and wisdom. I love your poems and want you to keep writing them.

Robin said...

Yes, we are here! Please don't be discouraged by the rejections. What matters is you have the courage to put your work out there, and eventually your pieces will find homes.

I'd love to talk w/ you about your trip--it certainly sounds like a great and well deserved break! Manny and I hope to take a coastal drive in some of the same areas soon!

Robbi said...

Thank you for checking in. It means a lot to me, also to get this encouragement.
I was feeling pretty low yesterday. Thursday is hard, anyhow, and the papers and planning for my class are stacking up, as are responsibilities related to my parents and the rest of my life.
It's Rosh Ha Shanah, head of the year (New Year), and that is wonderful, but it coincides with papers and conferences. Lots of work.

Robbi said...

I would have called you if I had not been buried in papers. This weekend is unlikely. But as soon as I get a moment, maybe by Weds. sometime.

marlyat2 said...

Hi there, Robbi--

The life of a writer is, unfortunately, peppered with rejection. Just don't let your salt lose its savor in the face of it!

Kim Bridgford is a very bright editor, so I'd be encouraged, value her comments, and send again.

Also, having a sense of where one matches is a very big deal, though it takes a lot of time to figure those things out, especially at first. Later on people will ask, and that makes it so much easier.

Robbi said...

Thanks Marly. It is not as though I have not been writing and sending out stuff for much of my life. I don't know if I'll ever get where you are, but I guess I'll keep trying.

Rebel Girl said...

I'm here, of course, but often flail at comments... and don't get me about took me ahwile - too long - to realize that, for me, writing can't be about publication. I need it too much for that to be a measure.

You blog is a grear space you have created.

marly said...

Well, you've had a hiatus on sending out, I think... And things change fast. Just keep plugging--now that so many magazines have moved online, it's easier and less expensive, too.

Robbi said...

That's true Marly and Reb. Writing is very important to me. I realize now that if I can only continue teaching workshops, I will be more actively and constantly involved with writing and sending out. But getting workshops isn't easy. No one around is hiring now. No money.
I am not sure exactly where to start Marly, as far as finding and cultivating mags. Qarrtsiluni has been good, and I thank you for that. Richard Dillard told me about Blackbird, and I may take a look at that. I am now also thinking about where to send some of those nonfiction pieces. If the Real Simple contest doesn't pan out, as it will probably not, I will send that piece about cleaning out my parents' house to This American Life, and will be willing to do it on the radio. That will be likely to be a good thing for me. I could also send them others, such as The Tell, or maybe the one about being kidnapped at 6 by a psychotic 12 year old. I think those would work over the radio, if they are doing shows in which they would fit.

marly said...

Radio is definitely interesting... I do have a friend who has done a lot of NPR in North Carolina and D. C. I'll ask her for some advice. Maybe you should record that piece to send to them.

Robbi said...

Which piece? The one about the kidnapping? I think the best piece would be the one about cleaning out my parents' house, but I have to see how that does in the Real Simple contest. Of course, I don't realistically think it will win. It isn't bland enough for one thing for mainstream consumption, especially judging by the essay that won last year's contest, but you never know.