Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Worms

My dad's worms died when the ants he attracted by chopping up garbage in his room in his food processor in order to feed the worms caught the attention of the landlord. He sprayed with Raid and killed the worms. So my dad cleaned out the worm farm, made new bedding, and I contacted the worm lady so we can pick up some new worms tomorrow at the Farmer's Market in Laguna Hills. I will bring my dad, and maybe pick up a few other things while I'm there.
Tomorrow evening is another full moon walk at the Red Rocks again. I am tempted to call it off; I'm so tired, and I've been to Red Rocks a few times now. Next month it will be held somewhere else, and I'm signed up for that, but the wilderness workshops have provided an opportunity for me to write poems. I haven't been writing many these days, though I have been reworking old poems for the manuscript and for the list I'm making of what can go into the manuscript and what can be sent out. I hope to get back some things that are out soon so I can send them out again or know that they are going to be published somewhere. I'd especially like to hear about the story I sent to Riverteeth 6 months ago or so. They are still considering it. Sometimes it takes a long time to get those things back. Sometimes they don't come back at all.


marly said...

Send them a query note!

Saw my mother's new worm palace--it lives in the garage and looks like a pagoda.

We've had the telescope out in the backyard lately...

Robbi said...

I would, but they have a submission manager. I'll wait a while longer, then send a note.
What have you seen with the telescope? Why not put up a post?
My dad's worm home looks like a pagoda too!