Saturday, September 26, 2009

Season of Reflection

Monday is Yom Kippur. I am supposed to be reflecting on my weak points, for example, my anxiety, how quickly I become discouraged when things don't go my way, the way I get sucked into the black hole of negativity and stay away from the people I care about, thus plunging further into the hole... but I am too busy this weekend to think. On Monday, when I am stuck in the synagogue all day, I will give it up, and reflect. This sounds like a hard thing, a depressing one, even, but it is actually freeing. When you are backed up against that wall and can't avoid thinking of these things anymore, you do it, and you proffer apologies to everyone who deserves one. So to all of you I've slighted, being self-involved and into my own affairs, I'm sorry. I'll try to do better this year.


Lou said...

I don't think reflection is depressing at all. I agree with yoou that it is renewing.

Robbi said...

It is, though how well I manage to keep my resolutions is up to question.