Friday, September 16, 2011


The dinner went well. Everyone was in good form, and the food turned out well. The chicken tasted fine, though overnight in the sauce would no doubt have made the 10 cloves of garlic easier to taste! I particularly liked the tomatoes in pomegranite sauce. What a great combination! The zucchini with tahini, lemon, and yogurt was also delicious. I'm glad I threw in some mint at the last minute; next time I'll add garlic too, but I'll definitely make it again.
The tablecloth, which I forgot I had, is definitely the worse for wear because of a spilled glass of wine, but what the heck? I didn't even know I had it till yesterday anyhow. My parents' good china looked great on it, and it brought back memories to eat off of it.

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marlyat2 said...


The web is full of recipes to get wine stains out... maybe you can find a good one.