Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where to?

Now that I have opened the portal to a different world by stopping my frenetic movement from one year, one semester to another, doing more of the same, I can see there are lots more things out there I might be doing with my time than what I have been doing.
It took a while, but I have come to like very much the routine of writing and sending out and going to yoga and chatting with friends. Of course, I have to go back to work sometime, but is there a way I can leave more of myself to be plowed back into the writing/work and still work for money? There must be. I wish I knew what it was.
Perhaps tutoring, if I could only get it started, would be just the ticket, but for some reason I have not gotten around to making decent signs and hanging them or finding a place to advertise that works. Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted.


Robin said...

Whole foods in Laguna Beach (on Broadway St., the Stand on Thalia St. are two local places that welcome cards and in the case of Whole Foods at least--may even allow you to post a flyer.

Colleges, Synagogues and Churches might also be great places to try. Of course we also discussed getting on various district high school lists, which generally worked great for me when I was tutoring.

Also, maybe your FRIENDS at IVC might be able to discreetly steer students your way if you ask. They do have direct knowledge of your teaching skills, and may be familiar with your assignments from working in the Humanities Center.

I do remember that the college did not like to officially carry tutoring lists, an issue I once discussed with at least one professor there, who said that there may be some conflict of interest issues about referring teachers as tutors, but that was years ago. Much might have changed since then. Plus, you're not an employee over there, so who knows?

Robbi said...

I asked a few people about that before I left, but I don't think anyone will do it.