Monday, September 5, 2011


Today the wide sky is filled with grey clouds, stretched like insulation along its drafty edges. An occasional flash of lightning in the distance surprises me. It seldom rains here, at least this time of year. When it does, the feeling is unmistakable.
Of course, there is a fair amount of disappointment on the part of kids celebrating their last day or so of summer, families hoping to barbeque with friends, folks heading for the beach. But for me, who was staying home anyhow, it is a cozy fall sort of day, with breezes making fans unnecessary for the first time in months.
Don't get me wrong; it hasn't actually started here, the rain, except for a few early drops. And maybe it won't actually happen, at least till after sundown. Remember that line about Camelot, in the musical? It never rains till after sunset... ? Well that's true here.


marlyat2 said...

My mother finally got rain on her mountaintop. Lovely calm rain...

Robbi said...

It never did actually rain here, and now it's hot as blazes, and us without an air conditioner! But the fan feels good on my sweaty skin.