Saturday, September 24, 2011

BKS Iyengar Videos

This morning I watched some videos of BKS Iyengar, guru and founder of the school of yoga I practice, from the mid-seventies. He was practicing yoga and in one of the videos, explaining it at the same time, and it was almost like breathing for him. Apparently, breath indeed had a lot to do with his ability to get into these poses too.
His was louder than I might have expected since I have been told not to breathe loudly by my own teachers. If I knew how to post them, I would put them here, but they are on YouTube.
If I were able to make myself practice as many hours a day as he does, perhaps I would be able to do some of the poses he does, but my stiff, bulky body cannot open anywhere near as fully as his. He looks like a time-lapse film of a plant unfolding. Amazing.
Here is a link for the one where he explains his poses:

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