Friday, September 2, 2011

Big Waves

Today, since I missed yoga class in the morning because of my interview with unemployment, I went to Laguna for a long walk with Robin. We really walked far, and spent some time marveling over the extraordinary surf. Lots of enormous waves, full of surfers and assorted junk, like huge hunks of kelp. It would probably not be a pleasant thing to be whacked by a chunk of that stuff while one was struggling to get up out of a skyscraper-size wave! On the way home, we saw a helicopter flying down low, close to the beach. Perhaps he had just rescued someone from one of those waves.
Following that walk, I went to yoga class, where my feet were tormented by asanas meant to test their mettle. I am sure mine are tin. I need to work them out more often. They cramped up all the way home. I hate when that happens while I am driving!

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