Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I didn't sleep too well last night, but it wasn't for a bad reason. Yesterday I found out for sure that my yoga chapbook, Balance, will be published whenever my cousin finishes with the drawings, which I think will be some time in November.
I will get a bunch of free copies to sell as I can. I know I can do that. I belong to so many communities now, the yoga one especially, where people will buy the book.
And I will do lots of readings wherever I can. I am really looking forward to it!
I had already planned to do readings in November for the release of Easy to Love but Hard to Raise, so I'll just do more for the chapbook too. I'll be very busy, so it is probably a good thing I am not working right now.
The people at synagogue will buy books too. I can even place some at the gift store there. Even though these people may never have picked up a book of poetry before, they may buy this one.
I'll keep you posted on when and where I am reading and when the book is coming out!


Robin said...

Looking forward to the readings, and the chapbook! I'm sure you'll sell lots of books!

marlyat2 said...


Karen wrote me this:
Robbi's email has been hacked into- if you have her phone # you may want to let her know. My friend had that same scam, they send out a plea for $$ to everyone saying they are stuck somewhere...Wales it said!

Not sure if she meant really hacked or not--did it come under your name, I wonder?