Monday, August 31, 2009


The sky is still blue, but I detect an occasional whiff of smoke as the wildfires north of here continue spreading. The major thing we have going for us is that we in Orange County have burned relatively recently. Some of those places had not had a major burn in 30 years, I heard, and the undergrowth was thick and brittle, ready to burn in this hot dry weather.
If I were a picture taking sort, I would post a picture of the great white clouds off in the hills, looking like some mythical snow-covered island in the distance. They look so impressive, and because they are not dark, so unthreatening, but I hear that they signal unpredictable weather patterns caused by the fires. They can bring about tornados, windstorms, and other strange things (strange for this area, anyhow), that would only worsen the fires.
I have heard some amazing stories of people refusing to leave their homes, believing they'd be safe if they stayed in their hot tubs, for instance. They were badly burned, almost killed. Unbelievable how stupid people can be.


Lou said...

I remember years ago during the Laguna fire, there was video of residents pouring bottled spring water on their roof, and this was portrayed as SO Orange County. So, the story of the people in the hot tub, well, hmmm.

Robbi said...

SOOO LA, I guess. But I once heard of a couple at Yellowstone who wanted a picture of a bear in their car. So the guy got out of the car and pushed a very pissed off bear behind the wheel, next to his wife. Luckily for her, the bear was so shocked that he forgot to kill her. Instead, he tore the car all to hell, and she ran away.

Lou said...


That is SO Yellowstone.


Anonymous said...

The clouds/smoke is amazing to look at.


Robbi said...

Lou, I've never been to Yellowstone, but I imagine it is.