Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Dinner

I didn't take any pictures at my birthday dinner, but I can tell you that we all had a wonderful time. Though I asked scads of people from yoga and elsewhere, only three showed up besides the three of us (yes! Jeremy DID get off work for once and come to dinner with us!). But it didn't matter because we all had a great time and really enjoyed dinner.
We went to a vegan Vietnamese restaurant in Westminster, and ordered lots of different sorts of things. My favorite was one recommended by the waiter--a plate of fried mushrooms--they seemed to be oyster mushrooms and possibly shitakes also, in a sweet/spicy dipping sauce. We also had vegan spareribs, a Vietnamese crepe filled with veggie ham and beansprouts, a noodle soup with veggie shrimp that tasted like gefilte fish, and other assorted delights. Even Jeremy, who was all set to hate the food, actually liked it and admitted to having a good time with a bunch of assorted adults. He was surprised to be treated just like everyone else. No one there talked down to him or asked him in that phony voice how school was. Though he was sure he'd be bored, he was friendly and engaged in the conversation and actually didn't prompt us to leave. When the time came, it was I who said we had to go so he could go meet with his buddies afterwards. When we waddled away, very full, we all felt good and ready to enjoy another year.