Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thinking Ahead

I don't think the clocks will be moved forward this weekend, but for most of my life, I was used to time changing to mark, as it seemed to me, when I was a child, the day of my birth. The end of summer and the official change of time to reflect the angle of light and shorter days always came during the weekend closest to my birthday on the 26th of Oct. I think that has changed, and it won't come till sometime in November, but in my head, it will always be this time of the month.
I am thinking ahead too to next semester's class. I am changing my curriculum, and somehow, will have to make an entirely new syllabus between semesters this time. I am anxious to move on to something new, anxious enough that it is worth the effort. This time it will be a class in adaption from literature to film. I have decided to make use of the textbook much more than I normally do, since this is a new topic for me, one I have never formally studied. That makes it interesting, if difficult. So when I am whining next semester, I'll have to remember it's totally my doing.


Lou said...

I think a little whining is fine, called for even. If we were doing only the easy things, we'd be having useless lives.

Robbi said...

I agree.