Monday, October 5, 2009

Not hysterically busy for once

This semester has been way too busy. I've been giving too much homework to prepare those students for the research they have to do and write about. But predictably, it's been mostly fruitless. A few have done very nicely, and they would have done nicely anyhow. They are the ones who did the homework but probably didn't need to. The ones who needed to didn't do it anyhow. Of course, I could have guessed that would happen!
I am home on an off day, and having prepared for the week and upcoming drafts, etc., have a few hours to myself. I couldn't go to yoga this morning because the bottled water sprang a leak. I had to bail it out like an old leaky rowboat because there was 3/4 of a bottle going straight into the carpet and no one was home to help me. I am not sure what to do to keep the carpet from molding up. I just took the water out and put it elsewhere and hope the damn thing will dry.
I'm enjoying the fall weather, though it's the usual dilemma of whether to put the summer things away and take the fall ones out now, or wait till I am sure the weather has changed for the season. I am not convinced it has done that yet. So I'll try to find the odds and ends to wear until I switch out for the winter.
Just put a lamb curry into the iron skillet to simmer for 45 minutes. I hope I don't die of food poisoning. The meat has been in the fridge for a week or more, but it didn't smell bad or look slimy. I am quick to throw things out if I suspect something, but truthfully, besides the color, this didn't look at all suspect, and I know lamb turns dark quickly.


marly said...

Having had a pulmonary problem from household mold, I'm quick to think you ought to do something. Hair dryer? Prop it up and leave it on a while?

Lou said...


Still there?

Hope that lamb curry was good!

Robbi said...

I think I would start a fire that way. I moved everything out of the way and let it dry. It seems to have dried completely. I can now spray it with bleach or something. The carpet is ancient and should be replaced anyway. In fact, the owner wanted to replace it last year. I wanted to let her but R didn't want to move books.

Robbi said...

Still here Lou. No harm, no foul. It even tasted great. But there wasn't much of it. Did you read that article in the NYT about ground beef? Scary stuff! Now even veggies are prone to ecoli. There is no escaping it.

Lou said...

Yep, e-coli seems to have become an accompaniment to spinach.

Robbi said...

Probably other vegetables too. As I've said to my students, I used to notice that there were no toilets out in the fields where people were picking, and people laughed at me when I pointed that out. Who's laughing now?