Tuesday, October 20, 2009

State of Mind

If I ever needed proof that the way a person thinks makes all the difference in the world, I have it now. Last week I was frantic and anxious, at my frayed wit's end. I had 2 sets of papers from disgruntled students to grade, doctors appts. to take parents and myself to, and no yoga to help me make it through the days. After almost daily applications of intense yoga, finishing up the papers, and moving forward toward the next assignment in my classes, I feel so much better I'm almost a different person. Of course, the one set of papers was still awful--ever see research papers with almost no research? no works cited? I have! And I'm not looking forward to giving some of these babies back. My best student's computer died, and he didn't get a paper in at all, despite my giving him an extension of 3 days. He had a partial back up, though all of his research was gone (it was in virtual folders and not backed up). I hope he doesn't drop.
Oh well. I even wrote a poem, and you have the evidence in yesterday's blog entry! I feel like a person again. It would be nice to teach a workshop again, but in this economic climate, I don't imagine I'll get to do it anytime soon.


Lou said...

The turn of the mind is sort of like the weather in Yucatan. If you don't like it, wait ten minutes.

Robbi said...

This is true.