Saturday, October 10, 2009

Parental woes

My parents are doing really well right now. My dad in particular is stable in his health, and after a bout of physical therapy, more stable on his feet than in quite some time. He initially turned down the physical therapy, though he had complained so much about not being able to walk well that I took him to the doctor, had CAT scans done, and this culminated in his doctor sending him to a spine specialist and referring him to a physical therapist. After struggling for days and hours to get the correct service (the same one that provides his at home nursing care to replace the urine catheter every 6 weeks), he turned down the physical therapist and I had to run after her and tell her to go anyhow. He now swears by her services!
As this suggests, to keep my parents in shape, I have to run myself down!
I took my parents to the doctor yesterday to get flu shots, and will be going for shots myself this Weds. None too soon, because my students are falling ill with the flu (probably H1n1) at an alarming rate, and are really really sick sometimes. I myself didn't feel well this past week, but fought it off with zinc, yoga, and hot tea as well as with lots of sleep and good, healthy food. The doc didn't have any swine flu vaccine though, and I am concerned. I will have to seek it out somewhere, and that will take more time and effort. I'm hoping the college will have it soon, and I can get the shot, as well as taking them and talking Jeremy into it. I give up on Richard. He is impossible to drag to a doctor.
I have to take my mom to the oncologist for her bi-annual checkup on Monday, so this is a tough tough week, with papers coming in on Thursday and the reunion from my college in Long Beach coming up on Saturday for picnic lunch. Perhaps I just ought to cancel that.

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