Tuesday, October 27, 2009

claiming my loss

Today I spoke to the claims person at my auto insurance, and I realized just how little I could tell about the accident. I didn't know what side of their car hit my car. I didn't even look at their car, and couldn't remember what make it was. Luckily, they wrote that down for me when we exchanged information. I didn't see the collision, just heard it. But I am so bad at directions and especially backwards! I may get nothing because of that although it was definitely their fault. I was out there in the process of turn, sitting still so I could look out for cars and shift to Drive, but not moving at the moment. There is no way this is my fault or even no one's fault.


Lou said...

I'm with you. I hate this kind of thing, and I am not good at handling it.

Robbi said...

I can handle my parents' medical emergencies (and have become all too expert at this), but when it comes to accidents, I'm useless. I go all to pieces.