Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The sky looks grey and rain swollen this morning, and I am hoping that the rain the meteorologists have been promising actually arrives. It's true that the parking lots around here end up looking like lakes in no time, and that my shoes always get wet and half-ruined, but the smell and feel of rain is wonderful, and I'm sure the parched ground and the patient plants on the hillside will also appreciate it.
Even though my closet seems full of irrelevant clothing at this point, I have not put everything away for the winter and taken out the winter stuff; I heard that it will be 90 degrees in a few days again, so I resolved not to be fooled by the weather this year, as I generally am.
The regular year has definitely started for the synagogue choir. We are done with our big job--high holidays--for the year, and beginning on the cycle of the rest. This year we're getting some "new" songs--some actually ARE new, some are recycles from years and years ago. Since I cannot read music, there is much for me to do to assimilate them, but it is welcome work. It is always a struggle for Shannon, the choir director, to find us this new music. Not that much is out there for us, as opposed to the nearly endless supply church choirs can find. We require our own resident musicians to write more, and I don't know if we have any in our midst right now.

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