Saturday, October 17, 2009

Doozy of a Day

My day started out beautifully. I always know that the time change is nigh when I sleep late of a morning and stay up later at night. It happens around mid October every year, when the morning light comes later, and I consequently sleep until past 7, like no other time during the year, even when I have been up half the night.
This morning I slept past 7:30, and in my dream, my son said, "Don't you want to get up? It's already past 7!" I don't know how I knew that. I didn't get up and look at the clock, and Jeremy is always asleep on weekend mornings, especially after sleeping till midnight, but my internal clock knows, I guess.
But I finally got up, ate a little, and went to Denise's Puna Daze workshop. These monthly yoga workshops replay classes Denise had with her own guru, Mr. Iyengar's daughter, Gita Iyengar, in Puna India, at the Iyengar Institute. They are notoriously rigorous. This one was just perfect for me. I felt wonderful after 2 1/2 hours of hard work, which helped me to put my anxiety about papers, etc. aside for awhile.
Following that though, the trials of the day began. I went to my parents' house. The caregiver told me that my mom needed diapers. To buy the kingsize package of diapers, we generally go to Costco, so that's where we headed, like all the other folks in Orange County, or a large percentage of them, I would wager. We shoved our way through the hordes, only to find that they did not have her size in the diapers. We bought a few items, after standing in a long line, and then my dad realized he had lost his hearing aid. We couldn't find it anywhere, though I thought he hadn't had it on when we left the house. He insisted I was wrong.
Then we stopped at Target, but couldn't get a parking spot because all the handicapped spots were taken by creeps without handicapped stickers. I stormed into the store and demanded that someone investigate this because I had had to leave my parents in the car, parked far from the store.
By the time I got home, I felt horrible again. The papers were still there, and I hadn't (still haven't) planned classes for the week. Some of the papers I finally got to were awful, showing me that students hadn't grasped anything I have said all semester about how to use sources or organize essays.
And the computer is worse than ever. But I am still here.


Lou said...

Aw, that hardly seems fair that after a good start to the day, things went so wrong. Did you find the hearing aid? About the student writing, we are just halfway through the semester, so don't forget that this is the period of despair. Things will get better. :)

Robbi said...

He found his hearing aid in his bed. I was right: he hadn't been wearing it when I picked him up!
You're right about the point of despair. I hope things improve. Half the papers were very good, but unfortunately, I accidentally read them first.