Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Radio Interview

This coming Sunday, January 22nd, at 11 A.M.,I will be interviewed on Bipolar Nation, part of the L.A. Talk Radio network. It will be a different sort of approach to my writing, since I'll talk about my experience growing up as part of a family with many neurological differences (for example, my dad's bipolar disorder, Tourette Syndrome, and O.C.D., and my mom's anxiety, hoarding, and O.C.D., as well as my own anxiety and learning disabilities), raising a child with disabilities, and finding a way to cope by becoming a serious student of Iyengar yoga. This won't be your typical author interview, I am sure. Nonetheless, I think I can say some things that will be useful to and will resonate with this audience. Hope so, anyhow.
I am not sure whether the interview will air live or whether she will cut some and edit it first. Probably the latter.


marly youmans said...

Good luck...

You asked about website production.
Here's my link:
Perfectly free unless you go for extras...
I think it was $25. for original domain registration, so that is all ever spent on it.

But you could do a blogspot page for free.

Robbi said...

Thanks Marly. I ended up getting a scholarship at Red Room, where I will have a premium membership, including a website where I can post links and the right to sell my book once it is released in the Red Room bookstore. I figure that this can't hurt, though I need to ask Karen if it's okay with her.

Robbi said...

I tried to publish your comments to my new post, but they disappeared! Which link do you mean? The chapbook? I will post another.