Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Business Blog

I have started a rather rudimentary page called Word Doctor on Blogspot where I will place my PayPal link. It is at So if you or someone you know wants a writing or tutoring job done, either locally or on the web, I can now arrange it! I did it now because a fellow wanted me to do a job for him, and I didn't have things set up to get paid. It is too late for that job, but in any case, if I get any others, I now am ready.


Robin said...

A great start! Good luck with this. Glad to hear that you figured out the Paypal payment issue.

marly youmans said...


Robbi N. said...

It seems that I should NOT put a link on the page, except for the book, if I have extra copies. I should do it individually, with each customer. Now that I have it set up, that shouldn't be hard.